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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Joey Challenge #186
Tile 9
Use Pokeleaf , a Zentangle original

I've also used MI2 by Mimi Lempart

Here is my finished piece. I cut the tiles myself and apparently not so well, because it does not fit very good some places. I've also added a bit more pink to the entire piece.

And my day 3 to 6 of Inktober challenge :
Feeling Knotty - Cherryl Moote
Diva Dance - Zentangle original
Marusa - Zentangle original
Ponio - Mei Hua Teng
Rixty - Zentangle original
and filled the empty spaces with Pixioze by Margaret Bremner and "shaded" with a white pastel pencil.
(I am far behind and this is definitely in the spirit of Inktober)


  1. Your mosaïc looks great Susan, I see nice connections, lovely touches of colour and well drawn tangles. Don't worry about being behind, that doesn't matter, this tile looks good with the nice contrasts!

  2. Lovely work Susan! Your mosaic is amazing. So complex and interesting to look at. My eye keeps wandering because there's so much beauty to see;-)

  3. Your mosaic tangles flow perfectly into each other. Great job on this challenge, Susan!