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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Joey Challenge #178 tile 8

Ai Joey and again you floored me! - Printemps! I already have printemps. So the best idea I could come up was using Printemps as a string and I added Dicso (Mina Hsiao) which is the tangle for day 2 of Stephanie Jennefir's #InktoberTangles.

#InktoberTangles day 1 Bunzo.
Bunzo border filled by Printemps, both Zentangle originals. I wanted to do the shading by using a coloured pencil, but I did not have the right colour and decided to use an ordinary pencil  instead.

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  1. It really amazed me that we haven't had more of using Tangles that we had already used! Like what did with Printemps.