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Sunday, 31 May 2015

That's new to me #21
Challenge : Use tangle that is new to me that start with 'R' and use a tangle by Helen Williams
Ripples and Petal Ribbons - both by Helen Williams

It's a string thing #94
String 94 - Linda Fine
Wist - Michelle Beauchamp
Jasmin - Simone Bischoff
Sooflower - Livia Chua
Fleuri - Genevieve Grabe

I'm the Diva Challenge #219
Challenge: Use tangles with straight lines
Tangles used:
Brella - Bunny Wright
Fassett and Phroz - Lynn Mead

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Diane and Carolien's challenge #7
Challenge : use tangles starting with S/T/U
Tangles used:
Spoolies - Hanny W
Tripoli - Zentangle
Tipz - Faith Cohen
UpnDown - Cathy Berringer
It looks very busy after adding Tipz - perhaps I should have used something else.....

It's a string thing #93
String 93 - Sabrina Croft
4Mom - Eileen Maone
Gottago - Lianne Woods
JJ - Joy Taylor

Made by Joey #61
Use flower-like string
String used : 152
Tangle: Shattuck - Zentangle

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

That's new to me #20
Challenge: Use a tangle that is new to me, starting with an X and use a tangle(s) from Sue Jacobs
New tangle:
X2 - Hsin-Ya Hsu
Xplo-Zen - Poppie60
Coil - Sue Jacobs

I'm the Diva Challenge #217
Use Bunzo and Dex by Maria Thomas of Zentangle in a duotangle

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Tackle It Tuesday #20
String 008 - Hope Martin
New tangles:
Pand - Ai Ling Hung
Dentri - Margaret Bremner
Other tangles:
Ovy - Adam Roades
Wunderwall - Sandy Hunter
Cayla - Chrissie Frampton

It's a string thing #92
String 98 - Beth Snoderly
Butter - Alexandra Triantafyllopoulou
Cayke - Rose Brown
Kandy Ribnz - Cheryl Wilson
Chocobox - Didier Gerry

That's new to me #19
Use a tangle starting with a "S" that is new to me.
New tangle - Esses - Chris Letourneau
Other tangles:
Scallops - Suzanne McNeill
Rixty - Zentangle
Bridgen - David Levitan
CO2 - Antonine Megger

Monday, 11 May 2015

Tackle it Tuesday #19
Challenge : Use string 7 (Mirjam Baart) and any new tangle
New tangle: Cobbles - Eden Hunt
Other tangle - simplified Florz - Zentangle

Sunday, 10 May 2015

I'm the Diva #216
Rebel logo from Star Wars
Tangle : 'Brella - Bunny Wright

I googled Star Wars logos and decide to use this one as a string. I do not know if this a logo of the good or the bad characters!

It's a string thing #91
String by Adele Bruno
Zin - Linda Farmer
Vano - Hanneke Sieben
2-n-5 - Anita Roby Lavery

Made By Joey #59
Challenge: Tangle Mumsy (Sandy Steen Bartholomew) on black
Other tangle : Beadlines - Margaret Bremner

That's new to me #18
Use new tangles starting with a "W"
String 24
New tangle:
Wunderwall - Sandy Hunter
Bwiya - Anne Marks

I really like Wunderwall because it has a lot of variations.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tackle it Tuesday #18
Challenge: Use string 006 and any new tangle
String 006 - Sandy Hunter
New tangle: Pea-Fea - Amelie Liao
Other tangles - Bridgen - David Leviton
Sunflower - Anne Marks

(I think I've mixed Tackle it Tuesday's challenge with That's new to me ??)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Tangle Pattern Mixer #6
Xplode - Margaret McKerihan
Fife - Zentangle

I've used Xplode as a frame and filled it with Fife and then filled the resulting spaces of Fife with the Xplode-"flags"

Saturday, 2 May 2015

It's a string thing #90
String 90 - Carolyn Koesters
Garlic Cloves - Jacquelien Bredenoord
Lanie - Adele Bruno
Laced - Mary Elizabeth Martin

I'm the Diva Challenge #215
Use a labyrinth as a string
Ovy - Adam Roades
Hurray! - Agneta Landegren

Made by Joey #58
Use string 121 - Didier Gervy
Tangle - Chimes - Beth Snoderly
This was fun to do.

That's new to me #17
Use tangles that are new to me, starting with a "D"
Dimyx - Lily Moon
Dinosawer - Lori Hamilon
Knightbridge - Zentangle

My second step for Dimyx was not correct, so it turn into Knightbridge.