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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Made by Joey : Alphabet challenge - Finish my tile.

String "O" by Joey
Started with O2 by Unknown
Other tangles:
Ovy - Adam Roades
Orbs-on-the-move - Ina Sonnenmoser

String "P" by Joey
Started with tangle: Pea-Fea by Amelie Liao
Other tangle: Pendrils - Zentangle original

String "Q"
Started with Q-Belle by Yuru Chen
Other tangles:
Quandary - Zentangle original
Quanzi - Cindy Angiel

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Joey challenges #158 and 159

Challenge 158:
String "m" by Joey and started with MI2 by Mimi Lempart
Other tangle used:
Merryweather - Sandy Hunter

Challenge 159:
String "N" by Joey and started with Natti by Anita Apfors Westin
Other tangles used:
Nulink - Ina Sonnenmoser
Neuron - Bessamy Snoderly

Diva Weekly Challenges #309 and #310

Challenge: #309
Use new official tangle Noom
Other tangles used:
Pokeleaf, Pokeroot, Zinger, Betweed

Challenge: #310
Use my tangle Frunky by Katharina Konigsbauer-Kolb
Other tangles:
Hibred, Paradox  - Zentangle originals