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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Made by Joey : Alphabet challenge - Finish my tile.

String "O" by Joey
Started with O2 by Unknown
Other tangles:
Ovy - Adam Roades
Orbs-on-the-move - Ina Sonnenmoser

String "P" by Joey
Started with tangle: Pea-Fea by Amelie Liao
Other tangle: Pendrils - Zentangle original

String "Q"
Started with Q-Belle by Yuru Chen
Other tangles:
Quandary - Zentangle original
Quanzi - Cindy Angiel


  1. Great idea with Quanxi shaping the Q.

  2. The Q tangle reminds me of teeth! ;o) I love the colours and shadows on the P!
    When you have a minute could you email me? I have something to ask you.
    ~ joey ~