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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Joey challenges #158 and 159

Challenge 158:
String "m" by Joey and started with MI2 by Mimi Lempart
Other tangle used:
Merryweather - Sandy Hunter

Challenge 159:
String "N" by Joey and started with Natti by Anita Apfors Westin
Other tangles used:
Nulink - Ina Sonnenmoser
Neuron - Bessamy Snoderly


  1. Nice work, both of the tiles.
    My favorite is the lovely N with a beautiful (for me unknown) tangle!

  2. Love the background tangles that you have chosen for both of these and the Nulink is very cool! Must add that one to my book of tangles!

  3. Great job with both tiles. I love your Merryweather on the M and the abundance of Natti on your N. Nulink is a perfect choice for the N itself.