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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Diva Challenge #321
Non Dominant - Aura Challenge
Tangles tried:
Afterglow by Carole Ohl
Rain by Suzanne McNeill
Printemps, Crescent Moon, Keeko, Msst, IX, Sez - Zentangle originals

I've done this yesterday evening and my shoulder and arm muscles were very tight and sore afterwards. I did the shading with my right hand because this morning my muscles was too sore to try and shade it with my left hand. If I ever do this again, I will do a tangle, rest and do a tangle, rest, etc. What I found out was that it was easier for me doing circles with my left hand (non dominant) than straight lines and when I drew Keeko, I've done it from left to right in the first line and then tried from right to left in the subsequent lines which was much easier. So all my empathy to the left handed people in a right handed world when it comes to writing - I think it would have been much easier for left handed people writing from right to left than the other way round. 😄


  1. You really did a lot of tangling, Susan. No wonder you became tense. It is a fun experiment though.

  2. You really did well with that left hand. Poor you, having a sore hand afterwards. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog -:)