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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Made by Joey #171 and 172

#171 is the last in the alphabet-finish-my-tile challenge.
String "Z" and started with Zonked by Barbara Finwall
 Zonked is a beautiful tangle when done right, but Zonked, zonks me!
Other tangles:
Ztrik by Yamit Freidman
Zinger a Zentangle original

#172 Challenge by Ilse of Zentangle Zoo (thanks Ilse)
Ilse gave us a "star" string and suggested Auraknot, a Zentangle original
Other tangles:
Warangaie by Sandra Strait and
Lichen (for Ilse Leuken) by Jennifer Hohensteiner
Both tiles were coloured using Inktense pencils and I loved drawing "pictures" to colour in!


  1. Very nice use of colors in lovely compositions on both tiles.

  2. I used to be an avid defender of just black and white tiles. But I long since learnt that there is something special in colors. Both your tiles look very beautiful, indeed!

  3. How many black and white movies are there now? Colours add so much to a Tangle IMO. I still do black and white but some times tiles just call out for colour. Nice to see you got the final letter done Susan.

  4. ooh! I love how your zonked looks like butterflies! wonderful stuff

  5. These are both so beautiful Susan! I love that Auraknot;-)

  6. Such a lovely Auraknot! I love the patterns you chose to use and the colours you put them all in. Thank you for participating in my guest challenge ;-)

  7. Oh yes, colour is a useful tool! Lovely!