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Monday, 20 February 2017

Made by Joey #152
String "g" by Joey
Tangle to be used: Gnarly - Barbara Finwall
Other tangles used:
Gneiss - Zentangle original
Gotcha - Karin Gordyns
Geisel - Debra Castaldi

Sorry to say, Barbara, but I am not a fan of Gnarly. I think it is because I really do not know what to do with it so that it can come to its own right. I've used the "hefty hack" technique for the background and used watercolour pencils for the shading and some colouring in.


  1. Nice work Susan, I love your composition of Gnarly together with the other tangles and beautiful use of colors too!

  2. For somebody who doesn't like gnarly you did an excellent job. I also love that 'hefty hack' bg of yours, gotta try that myself. As for gnarly: don't give up on it, yet. Make it a personal challenge? In the future?? Far far in the future???