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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Diva Challenge #302
Challenge: UMT (use my tangle)
Tangle Hamadox - Diana Schreur
Knightbridge - Zentangle original

What a delightful tangle!

Sue Jacobs's idea:
(on a Bijou tile)


  1. Susan.... these hamadox tiles are so wonderful! I really like the extra detail you've added, making each "petal" almost flux like... so pretty. The aura'd edge filled with knightsbridge creates such fun movement in the first tile and the simplicity of the hamadox filling a circle on the bijou tile is elegant. Lovely!

  2. Beautiful Hamadox Susan! Wonderful movement! I can see them spinning on the page! :)

  3. Wonderful "family" of Hamadox, I like this tile very much!

  4. How extra pretty these are with all the added details!