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Sunday, 25 September 2016

It's a string thing #163
String by Adele
Andante - Lily Moon
Cruffle - Sandy Hunter
Flukes - Zentangle original

This was a tough one and I did not know what to do with Andante so that the beauty of it can be justified. I am looking forward to see what Lily did with her tangle and this string. I thought that using Queries of Neil Burley would have been a better tangle with my indecision. I started tangling and tangled the first tile. Some tanglers already had their tiles on their blog together with other challenges and I've stolen from them the way they did Andante and therefore my second tile. Two really different approaches. The first one started to grow on me, because if you meet somebody very ugly and after seeing the person for a week, that person is not ugly anymore.

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