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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Diva Challenge #285
Challenge: 'Relax, bro"
The purpose of this challenge, is to bring as back to the roots of Zentangle where the experience is the outcome and not the tile as such,

For my tile, I've randomly selected a string - String 201 by Anette Plaga-Lodde, then I randomly selected 8 letters of the alphabet, since there are 8 spaces and then randomly selected tangles starting with those letters. I've left one out because it would not have fit so good in one of the smaller spaces AND then I tangled and shaded and enjoyed it. I therefore did have to worry about if the tangles will work well together. No competion for best of show, etc.

Intersection - Suzanne McNeill
Pax - Christine Reyes
Snookums - BJ Thompson
Funf - Denise Rudd
Xeni - Jacqueline Janssen
Xplode - Margaret McKerihan

AND Thanks all tanglers who send me a message regarding my question about shading a coloured background.


  1. Lovely tile, beautiful relaxt.

  2. Nicely composed tile with some great shading as well.

  3. Alovely composition and a very nice cheerful tile!

  4. Very nice selection of tangles...some of these I have not used! Great job! 👍😀

  5. I really like your tangle selection and how you put them together.

  6. Nice composition; This is appealing because the balance of scale and open vs busy space is great.

  7. Lovely work Susan! This feel relaxing:-)

  8. Lovely work Susan! This feel relaxing:-)

  9. Thanks for sharing how you did this. I tried to do a completely unprompted tile and got very frustrated. I think I find it easier to relax with some structure. Your result has worked very well.

  10. Lovely tile with a nice selection of tangles.