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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Joey's weekly challenge #189
String provided:
Challenge: Use at least Diva Dance - an official tange
Other tangles used:
Jalousie by Stephanie Kukla
Flutterpie by Carole Ohl - this was not done correctly - sorry Carole.
A very late Joey challenge #176 by guest artist Trudi Taylor
String provided (Tropicana (by Kate Ahrens) variaton)
Tangles used:
Knightbridge, Tipple, Printemps - all official tangles
Fiore by Jana Rogers

Day 27: Cadent - official tangle
Day 28: Joki - Kim Aarts
Day 29: Q-Belle - YuRu Chen
Day 30: Oof - official tangle
Day 31: Naida - Stephanie Jennifer

1 comment:

  1. Great challenges! Love the spider webs. And 'late' challenges are always happily accepted! I have several of my own to still submit.