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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Diva Challenge #308
"MacNCheese" - use your favourite tangles
Tangles used:
Bales (filled with Yincut), Crescent Moon, Printemps, Hollibaugh, Msst, Flux, Chillon, Hibred, Knightbridge, Meer, Tipple, Diva Dance, Shattuck  - all Zentangle originals

I've started with a string and filled it with Bales, Crescent Moon, Printemps and Hollibaugh. (I like the "new" version of Crescent Moon by Rick). I did not like the shape of the Bales part and added more Hollibaugh and filled this with various tangles. The tangles were not well executed, but I like the end result.

The bottom line is that I have no MacNCheese tangles, but Zentangle as a whole is my MacNCheese.

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  1. Again a wonderful combination of beautiful and well chosen tangles with nice contrasts. This is a great tile!