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Thursday, 1 October 2015

I'm the Diva #237
Guest blogger: Charlotte Carpentier
Challenge: Make a string with a template and dye

I'm retired, but was a computer programmer for 32 years which means that I started before there were PC's and applications like Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc. and we had to draw our flow charts by hand and could use a stencil made by IBM to draw the various shapes. I've decided to use this stencil. I've used acrylic paint thinned with water in a spray bottle. The colour is raw umber and you can hardly see it - should have used something darker :)

Tangles used:
Phrox and Fassett - Lynn Mead
Paradox, Printemps, Florz - Zentangle
Maryhill - Betsy Wilson

Part of stencil used:
Stencil used:


  1. This is a great 'geometric-based' set of tangles.I used to use a lot of flowchart diagrams and I much prefer to see them tangled!!

  2. I agree. This is a great use for flow chart symbols and nicely tangled - keeping it geometric (mostly). Jenny

  3. Nerds rule! Good choice of stencil and I love what you did with it. Thanks for participating!