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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

That's new to me #7
Challenge: Use tangles starting with S that I do not know
Tangles used:
Showgirl - Vicki Bassett
Scrawlz - Jane Dickinson
Sprigs - Michelle Beauchamp

As a afterthought: Perhaps I should have not done Scrawlz. But afterall it is zentangle and I am suppose to enjoy it and not criticise.
And then I had to make more showgirls and used a simplified version of Snugz (Terri Brown) as a border.


  1. Two great tiles. Really love the first one, it's so ligth and swirly. :)

  2. showgirl! that's a fun one, and I like how you've done it in both tiles. lots of energy and fun to look at.

  3. Your showgirl is showstopping. Love both tiles.